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January 30, 2009

E*TRADE Baby Outtakes

Well, I have to wrap up my first week ever blogging on a great post-- unlike the awful previous one about the RNC.

I know I had said I was going to blog only twice a week, but this is too addictive. I can't help it now.

Hope you enjoy the video too! It's super gracioso and it's already reaching almost two million people out there on Youtube.

See ya soon.

New RNC Chairman: Mr. Michael Steele

Ay bendito….

So this is the GOP’s new strategy image for the next two years. They are certainly suffering in their own economic crisis— lack of ideas and now pandering to different constituency blocks of the electorate, well I guess in this context, it is a change for once in their party.

I bet if they had chosen a Latina, it would’ve been more effective for a real makeover of their party. But No! They opted for the same old political tricks.

I don’t think they will be able to fool anybody with this one… Or will they?
I'm fed up with their BS.

Leslie Sanchez going @ It!


Ouch! I'm not going to touch this not even with a ten-foot pole.

I'd let you figure it out.

Good night!


Senator Judd Gregg being considered to be Secretary of Commerce

According to CNN and other sources, Sen. Gregg(R-NH) is being considered by the Administration to be nominated for Secretary of Commerce— and by most measures; Sen. Gregg is considered a moderate republican. Of course you just need to look at his constituency to understand why this is so.

Anyway, now you ask: what's the big deal about this, since we all know that President Obama is trying to project bipartisanship in his administration?

Well, if Sen. Gregg becomes Secretary of Commerce, then that leaves the governor of N.H. (Democrat) to appoint the next senator to his state. And counting on that Al Franken ends his Senate saga in Minnesota victorious, that would mean, guess how many democrats in the senate?

Bingo! 60! We all know what marvelous things this magic # does in the U.S. senate.

Now, don’t assume that I don’t like this nor assume that I’m all for it. In my humble opinion, in any given political system the balance of power is best pursued by both sides when neither side can abuse it. And we all know what happens in the absence of such, we only need to look back when the republicans held absolute power for the past six years (Until 2006); a total abuse of system by the hard core right.

So it makes me wonder whether the Democrats are going to follow in the same footsteps as the Republicans did; pushing over the minority opposition all over the place without any regard to their views. Honestly, if this recipe does get cooked, and the democrats get 60 in the senate, it is not going to play out well with independents and moderates out there in the next congressional elections. Because what is going to happen is, exactly what the Republicans did to the democrats when they were in power.

Buena Suerte Republicanos!

January 28, 2009

This Week: Panel Discusses the Stimulus Package

According to WordNet (A lexical database for the English Language) here is the definition of Stimulus:

S: (n) stimulation, stimulus, stimulant, input (any stimulating information or event; acts to arouse action).

I believe most people out there don't care how they (the media or economists) call it or argue about the history of recession/depression. In states like RI, CA, OH, and others around the nation; what people only care about is jobs= income, to pay their bills PRONTO. And good paying jobs by the way too.

If this package is going to do that, what is Congress (Republicans) waiting for? For both parties to agree? By the time that happens, it’s going to be too late. Ay Dios mio!

In case you do care about the history depressions, I dug up this from Wikipedia:

The Great Depression Era Pic

Migrant Mom in California during Great Depression.

January 26, 2009

01/24/09: President Obama's Weekly Address

I read Saturday that President Obama's economic stimulus package will be about $825 billion dollars. Do you think this is going to be enough to get this economy out of its hole?

Tell Me Your Beef (O Mejor dicho en espaƱol: Dimelo!)

So if you read my site, now you know there is a little section called, "Tell me your Beef "

This week I titled it, "The Purple Tunnel of Dome".

Purple Tunnel of Dome weekly Carne sends his heart out to some inauguration goers who experienced an ordeal experience, trapped in a DC tunnel during a freezing cold morning on inauguration day.

So what do you think about it? Should the new Admin, the Inauguration committee, or anyone do anything about such horrible experience these people went through ? Or is it a dead issue already?

January 25, 2009

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