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March 31, 2009

Freedom to Travel to Cuba Act

Today, Sen. Dorgan (D-ND) and Sen. Densi (R-WY) introduced the Freedom to Travel to Cuba Act; a bill designed to let Americans travel to Cuba freely unlike the status quo.

I totally dig it! This is way overdue just like the election of President Obama. We need this change of foreign policy to send relief to the Cuban people, protect Americans, and send a sign of change toward Latin America; what better way to start than this. Changing foreign policy toward Cuba is something President Obama’s administration is been working on by easing current travel restrictions so SOME people can travel to the island. I believe under this bill, it will allow ALL Americans to travel to Cuba without restriction —of course there are some exceptions in the bill but none of which are unusual or foreseen to be obstacles for a sound foreign policy.

Although, I understand older Cuban-Americans in Florida must detest this new change in policy, I don’t blame them; they’ve been hating Castro’s guts since they started leaving the island back in the 60s, I wonder though how the young generation of Cuban-Americans feel about this change of policy toward their parent's native land?(Luis H., any thoughts on this?)

If you are interested to find out more about this particular issue, you can visit the Center for Democracy in the Americas at, http://www.democracyinamericas.org/cubacentral/news-story/center-democracy-americas-statement-freedom-travel-cuba-act

Ojala que si! You know where I’ll be going next…. Por favor una Cuba Libre!

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