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April 09, 2009

Here we go again: Immigration debate

Hi Folks,

It seems like the issue of immigration reform would be stirred again in the national policy arena. Let's hope this time around the debate is not poisoned or controlled by a few extreme angry voices on one side of the aisle. Last time, all they did (a small minority of them, you know who you are…) raised high emotions among the population with sound bytes of fear and hostility which brought a level of nonsense and hostility in the American population toward poor illegal immigrants. In my opinion, it was not fair that a few voices, strategically positioned, pointed the finger at poor illegal immigrants as the escape goat for all the ills in America. This was simply dumb and deceitful just like the Iraq war. It was sold very well to the American people. And the worst is you bought it!

I have to bow to them because they did a great strategic job to kill any hope of immigration reform back then. As far as I know, these undocumented workers did not have the financial investment certifications that are needed to work on Wall Street—that’s where the real blame is and who caused the debacle of the strongest economy on earth. Please don’t let them fool you again this time to believe that poor illegal immigrants are the ill to America’s economic crisis. That is a pure BS sold to people in a simple way.

There are many pros and cons to the issue you should learn about to be able to come up with an educated position. I suggest every person out there who cares about it should research it thoroughly for yourself and make up your own mind. Simply being persuaded by the media and sensational newscasters is an insult to your intelligence. I warn you immigration is not a simple issue to digest once you research it thoroughly; it is not a simple issue where you just allow a number of foreigners (No matter where they come from) to enter or not enter this country. Immigration is much more complex and is interrelated principally to our national economy, national security, and our history, among others. It goes beyond simple perceptions and generalizations. You can’t cover everyone with the same blanket as a matter of sound national policy. So don’t let angry mongers from neither side persuade you on how to resolve on the issue of immigration reform.

I’m sure you are asking, well you are a Latino/Hispanic, so I know where you stand… Well, believe me, along with millions of others too, we do not like to be defined by society solely on the immigration issue— as if it was the only issue on our minds! It is not the number one issue on our minds as far as I'm concerned. There are plenty of other issues such as healthcare, education, the economy, foreign affairs, gas prices, sex life, and so on and so forth, which we mainly care about in our lives. Our issues are American issues at large; impacting all of US. However, I must say I do know that immigration stirs within my community a sense of the American value we have come to learn as the new kid on the block—fair treatment— because for many of us (La tía todavía sigue indocumentada y necesita ayuda) and we as Latinos/Hispanics, value Family immensely. This is just who we are and what makes us unique as a culture and we have brought it to share it with the rest of America; along with the salsa, merengue, bachata, tacos, empanadas, hot looking people, so on and so forth you already know. We want to make sure that the tía gets a fair shake in the system given that we have assimilated and understand it better as the newest kid on the block. Consequently, for many of us, do care a lot about the issue in the sense that we will stand up to make sure that the tía/ tío is heard.

I invite you to listen to prominent people in our society, by most part these are Americans very well respected in the public eye, who have been recorded publicly talking about how to resolve the immigration issue. I will post videos of them from now on, different perspectives so you realize how complex it is, Remember, my intention for doing this is not to persuade you to agree or disagree with my stance on the issue, actually immigration is not the number one issue on my radar. Whatever your stance is I respect it just as you should respect mine. Rather this is just another educational tool to understand better what promises to be another hot debated issue coming up in the halls of power. Please see below the first video by former President Bill Clinton addressing the issue during a private gathering.

Thanks for reading.

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