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May 09, 2009

Asamblea Pública Sobre Virus H1N1

The White House addressed the Latino/Hispanic community's concerns on the H1N1 virus this past Friday. I give props to the administration for doing this; an unprecedented event for Americans and in an Administration. However, one suggestion for the folks in the WH running these types of events: next time you should also have subtitles in English for those who are non-Spanish speakers when you post it online. Contrary to popular belief, is not just the Anglo-Saxon or non-white communities who for the most part do not speak Spanish, but also even within our own community in the U.S. there are some who don't speak Spanish or dominate it well, which is understandable. The point is just have it bilingual.

Perhaps one day, unless we become an officially bilingual nation, Spanish would not be so necessary for these types of events to address the Latino community. I'll probably be 80 when this happens. Also, one can see from the audience's reaction when the President arrived, how popular President Obama is in our community. Hopefully the admin lives up to their part of their campaign promises.

Q viva Obama!

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