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August 12, 2009

El Club de Comerciantes

Here's some great work my friends at El Club de Comerciantes are doing to help entrepreneurial and small Latino businesses around the country. Check it out:


· Facebook Press Release: Facebook Expands its Social Platform across the Web Through General Availability of Facebook Connect
· http://www.facebook.com/press/releases.php?p=69602
· Facebook Releases Site in Spanish; German and French to Follow
· http://www.facebook.com/press/releases.php?p=69602#/press/releases.php?p=16446

· LinkedIn Launches New Tools to Boost HR Professionals’ Efficiency as Responses to Job Postings Double in Challenging Economy
· http://press.linkedin.com/linkedin-new-hr-tools
· LinkedIn Launches in Spanish
· http://press.linkedin.com/linkedin-launches-spanish


· Four Ways in Which Enterprises Are Using Twitter
· http://www.gartner.com/it/page.jsp?id=920813
· Social Networking Helps Small Online Webstore Beat Out Major Retailers To Win Coupon Contest
· http://www.pressreleasepoint.com/social-networking-helps-small-online-webstore-beat-out-major-retailers-win-coupon-contest


· Social Media Expert, Ford Saeks Providing Insights to Growing Your Business
· http://www.pressreleasepoint.com/social-media-expert-ford-saeks-providing-insights-growing-your-business
· YouTube Surpasses 100 Million U.S. Viewers for the First Time


US Latino biz basics

Chris Campos sells machines that count dollar bills and when He show his machines he always expect that his clients will have an international accent.

The contribution of immigrant-owned businesses to the total U.S. economy is not well understood by the public. Sadly, many people view immigration as a rising problem, but in reality the facts show us that immigrants have overcome this stereotype by successfully contributing to the United States’ Economy. According to Census 2000, immigrants constitute 12.5 percent of the total population of U.S. business owners. Immigrant-Owned Businesses represent 11.6 percent of all U.S. business income with the majority of immigrants descending from Mexico. The total income generated by immigrants is about $67 million dollars and will continue to rise in the future.

Immigrants are about 30 percent more likely to start a new business than non-immigrants. Immigrants are responsible for $67 million out of the $577 billion dollars the United States brings in annually..

About 34.2 percent of immigrants open new businesses monthly in California making the state the largest Immigrant-Owned Businesses contributor in the country. Contributing roughly $20 million of the $67 million dollars that immigrant-owned businesses rack up each year puts California at the top financially.
About 35,000 new businesses are open by Latino immigrants every month.

The United States has a large and dominant group of Mexican Immigrants contributing to the U.S. Economy. Mexican immigrants are responsible for about 4.8 percent of business-owners.

Hispanic Businesses has grown to become a major success in the United States. The United States desires more Hispanic business owners to continue their success and encourage other immigrants to open their own businesses. We have constructed some good reasons selling to Hispanic businesses can be successful. On average, Hispanics have an estimated buying power of $452 billion. Half of the disposable income of Latinos is being spent at independent Latino businesses. This allows the businesses to circulate money and continue to thrive as a company. Immigrants represent 12.5 of all business owners and Hispanic businesses are 8 percent of all businesses currently in the United States. In 2002, Hispanics owned 1.6 million of all U.S. businesses.

Immigrant business owners make noticeable contributions to the U.S. economy in several different industries. Immigrants also contribute to wholesale trade and retail trade in America as well. Immigrants contribute 15.9 percent to wholesale trade and 15.5 percent in retail trade which is a significantly large percent and is increasing yearly. Retail and wholesale trade accounted for 35.9 percent of Hispanic-owned business revenue. There are about 29,168 Hispanic-owned businesses that obtain receipts of one million dollars or more.

No one said it was easy to start their own business but El Club de Comerciantes wants to provide future Latino business owners with the tools to success. El Club de Comerciantes provides online training, leads and an interactive business directory that helps Latino business owners find reliable providers as well as learn topics such as English, technology and business management. El Club de Comerciantes engages with the fastest growing generation of professional buyers. El Club de Comerciantes provide the bridge that connects companies with the new America. El Club de Comerciantes also translate your company’s website into Spanish in order to build trust as well as promoting to a wider audience. Readers are able to find trust in El Club de Comerciantes because only advertises legit businesses.

However, even with all of this opportunity, many businesses and organizations do not know how to reach the Latino demographic and businesses. Latino businesses generally buy only from familiar relations and trusted sources. Small Latino businesses do not attend networking events and are aware of formal networking methods.

. El Club de Comerciantes is bridging the gap between Latino small businesses and
the whole supply chain in the United States. Today It’s advertisers get promotion not only on their events and web portal but also at blogs, Facebook, YouTube, and with Search Engine Optimization.

El Club de Comerciantes only advertise and endorse legit providers. As said by Suzanne Burge Taylor, CEO, Taylormade Media Group/Femaleadvertising.com, El Club de Comerciantes is “excellent in communicating the advantages of nurturing cultural strategic alliances in today's diverse world. For further details contact Hugo Hernandez at
crece@elclubdecomerciantes.comor visit our website: http://www.somoscomerciantes.com

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