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August 13, 2009

Latino Blog Review

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I thought I use this time to point out some variety of content from the Latino blogs' perspective out there. Since I started blogging, back in January, I have found all kinds of blogs out there within the Latino blog sphere. Many are worth reading and others not so much (I hope you find ours, at least informative, I try my best to please you and always welcome feedback). Anyway, I thought I share some of them with you, and hope you find them interesting as well. Depending on your line of work, you may even find them useful. There is great variety for everyone to enjoy and choose. Click on the blog title to take you to their site:

Voto Latino: It’s a great blog run out of DC by talented young Latino/as. Their mission is to inform and motivate a new generation of Americans to engage into civic participation. They do this with technology, Latino celebrities, and the Latino youth themselves. The executive director, Maria Teresa Kumar, is a frequent commentator on MSNBC and CNN. She’s one of our blog followers too (But let’s just keep this between us). I recommend it.

The Unapologetic Mexican: It’s probably one of the best political Latino blogs out there known to many within the Latino-activist community. The blogger is a second generation “Xicano” descendant of a Chicano father and a white mother. His content is deep, cutting-edge, and creative. He touches on the reality the vulnerable and oppressed communities in this country. I strongly suggest you follow him if you are into social justice:

ChicanĂ­sima: Her name is Teresa Puente and she’s a journalist, writer, and educator blogging from the wind-city. Her content varies from Politics, Latina issues, and news. On her site, she states she founded, “Latina Voices- to promote opinion pieces, essays, and stories, by or about Latina women.” I highly recommend it to young Latinas if you want to explore deeper your voice.

Latino Sexuality: A Nuyorican Hottie blogging from the Bronx about Latino Sexuality. According to her profile, she’s a “Sex, positive feminist educator and Activist,” I like reading her posts once in a while, specially to stay in touch with the Latina view on sexuality.

Bronx Latino: It’s another talented Nuyorican from the Bronx and concentrating more on local (Bronx) issues. She also runs a radio station program, and is very active in her community. I give her props for her commitment to keeping her local community informed. I recommend it if you live in NYC.

Bilingual in the Boonies: A Cuban-American Mom blogging from the Wilderness in Tennessee. She’s funny blogger, trying to project humor and at the same time educate the white culture through her personal experiences about Latino culture. I recommend it, especially if you are a Mom.

Mambisesenaccion: It’s a Cuban-exiled living in Spain, an activist expressing his dissent toward the Castrista regimen (In Spanish). He lives in Spain and keeps up with what’s happening on the island. He must have connections inside. If you’re into Cuba, or are a Cuban-American living in Miami, you might like to follow this blog.

Vivir Latino: Focuses on a variety of issues facing the Latino community in this country, especially from the second to third generation Latino-view. It’s pretty much all over the Latino spectrum (Just like us). It is based out of NYC and run by entrepreneurial ladies; two of them are Mexican-American and a Nuyorican. It’s a good blog to check out for acculturated Latino/as in this country.

If you know of any other good Latino blogs out there, please share those with us so we can add them to our list and share with you. You can holler by leaving a comment below or emailing us at, latinosylatinasonlinebloera@gmail.com


Maegan la Mala said...

Hola, Mala from VivirLatino here. Nice to see your site. Just a point of information. All of the editors at VivirLatino are mujeres Latinas, two who identify as Xicana/Mexicanas and me, the Nuyorican.

Gabo said...

Cool. Thanks for pointing that out Mala. Interesting name...

Carrie-in-TN said...

Thank you for mentioning my blog and putting together this great list of folks I need to read regularly! Suerte to you.


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